2018 Bookish New Years Resolutions

For this year I’m going to keep it more or less straight forward. I had thought about maybe trying out some fun challenges but with me trying to work on getting my anxiety and depression under better control I figured simple would be better.


So here we go:

  • I’ve set my Goodreads challenge at 48 books this year. Eight more than I read last year so it’s not out of reach. That equals to four books a month which is what I was averaging the last few months of last year. Easy.
  • With the exception of what I read with my book club, and the new Shannara book by Terry Brooks, I’m going to stick to books written by women authors this year. I did well last year with half the books I read being written by women but there’s still a large number of books written by white men on my shelves and so I’d like to do my best to rectify that.
  • Read with the munchkin EVERY DAY for at least fifteen minutes. I’ve been slacking on this a lot lately. I’m embarrassed to say that she watches more episodes of Paw Patrol than is probably good for her.
  • And last is to have fun and to not sweat it. Sometimes when I’m falling behind on something it can trigger my depression but I don’t want my response to it to be to expect less from myself. I’d rather enjoy what I’m reading instead of worrying that I’m not reading it fast enough.

So there we are. What are some bookish resolutions the rest of you are setting for yourselves this year? Let me know in the comments.


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