We’re alive!!

Well I am happy to announce that we; my husband, daughter, and both my parents; all made it safely to Maine. We have not tried to kill each other yet and for my father and I that should be counted as a miracle.

Currently I am sitting by a fire that my mother keeps poking at and yelling Paw Patrol fire safety at my two year old who wishes to poke at the flames like her dear grandmother. I don’t know what I should have expected but I don’t think I thought the motto for this trip was going to be, “What would Marshall do?” (The answer is that he would not be trying to touch the fire kid now cut the shit!!!)

Campfire tip #1: If there are flames do not blow on them as you will very likely BLOW THE FIRE OUT!!#@%@!

There really hasn’t been a lot happening today. Mostly we just sat in the car for about three hours and then set up camp, walked around a bit, played on the playground, and messed around on our various tablets and phones. Obviously we’re really roughing it over here.

The munchkin is having a blast, which means that she is tiring her dad out.

Quote of the night: “Munchkin, how are you not dead?” (The toddler in question has not napped at all today. She has never slept in a tent either so bedtime is a frightening concept right about now.)

Given her insistence at dragging her dad all over the campground I am getting plenty of time for reading and writing so I will probably try to come back and let you guys know that I’m alive. Now excuse me while I try to come up with some proper scary campfire stories. (for after the the toddler is asleep of course.)


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