May TBR List

I’ve been slowly catching up with the pile of books I have collected on my shelf, most of which came from my Book of the Month subscription. The last couple of months I’ve actually opened the book and started reading as soon as I’ve taken it out of the box which is something that I think I’m going to try to continue. It’s a good habit to get into; otherwise, they just pile up on my shelf.

So this month I’m going to try to get through:

The Leavers | by: Lisa Ko (BOTM)

The Alchemist | by: Paulo Coelho (re-read)

The Ocean at the End of the Lane | by: Neil Gaiman

Uprooted | by: Naomi Novik (sort of a re-read)

Two of these are pretty short so reading them all shouldn’t be a problem for me. I’ve actually been able to get some reading time in during the day when my daughter is watching Paw Patrol so I’ve been pretty thankful for that (even thought those puppies are literally driving me insane most days).

Uprooted is only sort of a re-read because it’s a book I tried reading shortly after my daughter was born which was not a thing that actually happened. Not sure why I thought it would be back then but you know what they say about hindsight and all that. Anyway, I managed to read a little over half of it but then the year long phase of her only taking her naps while being held started and that killed the idea of me doing just about anything for a while. It’ll be really awesome to find out how it ends.