The Gift Of Giving

So I recently did what I like to call a purge of my bookshelves. There was a lot of book that went this time, mostly manga that I hadn’t touched in years but there was some novels too. I ended up bringing most of the books to Savers, since my schedule couldn’t match with library hours, but I did manage to bring some of the book to my job for the residents.


Everything but the Shakespeare went within the first hour and everyone who took one was so thankful. A lot of them even asked when I could bring more in.

For anyone who is thinking about getting rid of  books that you are done with, let me make a suggestion. Why not donate them to one of your local Nursing or Rest homes? If you’re not sure where the nearest one is then I’m sure that you can google it. Make sure that you contact the home first to double-check what their donation policy is first. Most places will have limited space and so they may not be able to take everything you’re getting rid of. Some may only be interested in certain kind of books.

And don’t just stop at books either. Clothes would likely be welcome as well as some basic toiletries (tooth/hair brushes, disposable razors, shampoo and body wash, those sorts of things). Most of the patients or residents won’t have the money to get themselves everything that they need or want so anything you can bring in would likely brighten their day.


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