December Wrap-up & January’s TBR list

This month I only managed to finish two books. Sometimes my slow reading makes me sad but then I remember that my husband got me the Bioshock games for Christmas and it makes more sense to me now.

A Gentleman In Moscow, by Amor Towles, was a pleasant read and I found myself loving just about every character that graced the pages. It even managed to be a little suspenseful towards the end.

Scarlet, by Marissa Meyer, took me a little longer than Cinder had to pull me in but I soon enough fell in love with her, Wolf, and especially Captain Thorne (I feel a bit like Cress in that regard I suppose.) Cress I almost finished. I have a little over 100 pages left but I just wasn’t able to free up the time to finish it.

….Okay yes you’re right. The late night reading time I had made for myself the past week was totally being used for video games. In my defense though, the dark is the perfect way to play a creepy game like Bioshock.

For the Goodreads challenge this year I’ve chosen to try and read 24 books during 2017. Two books a month shouldn’t be that hard but since I only read half that during 2016 we’ll see how things go.

This month I’m going to finish Cress, probably in a couple of days. I’ll finish off The Lunar Chronicles with Winter and then I’ll take a book that’s been on my TBR list for several years and read Eat, Pray, Love.


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