Being Healthy Is A Drag

So I’ve decided to put myself on a diet and I really intend to stick to it this time. Earlier this year I tried eating better. This mostly involved counting calories, which let me tell you is no way to diet. It seemed like it should be easy, and at first it was. Eat more veggies, eat less microwaveable junk. I’m still really not sure where it derailed, but it did.

A few months ago I was diagnosed with gallstones. It has been recommended that I get my gallbladder removed, but I opted to hold off on surgery for the time being mostly because I didn’t feel like going through the recovery with a one year old to take care of. So now I’ve got a gallbladder full of stones that likes to cause me pain once in a while. Only that once in a while has increased over the few months since my diagnosis and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that it’s the junk I’m eating that’s causing it.

So I’m going on a low fat diet. Loosing weight would be nice but I’ve decided that this time I’m just going to focus on limiting the amount of fat and sugar in my food. With any luck the symptoms of my gallstone attacks will decrease or at least become less severe as a result.

So why is this a drag? I’m attempting to change a major portion of my lifestyle, in a household of people who do not wish to change theirs. So all of the fatty foods that I have grown to love are still here, tempting me, everyday.

My willpower is strong, for now; so I will persevere, I hope. Wish me luck guys.


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