Holiday Traditions

I know it’s already a bit into December but I wanted to share with you guys a cute Christmas tradition that my family and I started this year for my daughter.

I originally saw it posted on Facebook, so the chances of most of you already seeing this are pretty high, but I though it was too good an idea to ignore.

24 book of Christmas!!


Basically you get your hands on 24 books. I bought mine at Savers for only $22 but new books can work too if you have the money for them.


So once you have them, you wrap them. Admittedly this was where I began to regret my decision since I HATE wrapping but it was pretty worth it.

Now place all of them under the Christmas tree, and beginning December 1st let your child pick one book a night to open. Spread out a comfy blanket under the tree and read together.

So far my daughter loves it and I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing this every year for many more years to come.

Are there any holiday traditions that your family does that you love? Have you started any of your own? I’d love to hear about them.


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