An Update

Well I knew I’d get lazy with this blog. I’d say busy but mostly it’s just laziness. Alas, it is likely to happen often. I’m terrible at getting into a routine, and my home life doesn’t make it at all easy. I apologize for it.

I finished reading Cinder the other day so a review will be posted for that soon. I started reading Spindle’s End at the start of the month but had to put it down for a little while. It isn’t a bad book, I actually rather enjoy the story when it decides that it actually wishes to move ahead with it. I feel especially bad about possibly not being able to finish it because my sister-in-law recommended it. Robin McKinley is her favorite author.

October is over half over and so there’s been a lot of thought going into what I want to write for NaNoWriMo. The last two Novembers I’ve done beyond poorly since I was pregnant in 2014 and my daughter was only 7 months last year. This year I’m going to get it done. The thing I miss most from before she was born is being able to write everyday.

I will have to see how it goes. First, I should try to get into a better routine for updating this blog.


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