Here we go…

*insert obligatory first post greeting here*

I’m starting this blog completely on a whim. Well not totally on a whim I suppose since I’ve been “blogging” over on Tumblr for a while. I wanted to give another site a try though, one where my sparse content wasn’t going to be buried in all of the reblogged mess that is my main Tumblr page.

I’m not entirely certain how often I’ll be posting here what with my full-time job and toddler I have to deal with. Not to mention my reading and video game addictions that take up a good portion of what little free time I manage to scavenge for myself. It’ll be nice to have a quiet piece of the internet to share my reviews and, maybe, a bit of my writing once in a while though.

So if you’ve managed to find me: welcome. I promise I’ll be back to add some more stuff eventually.


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